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Possible Health Care Transparency Rule Would Open Cost Data in Totally New Way
Trump administration officials have put the can opener in place on one of the most volatile issues of health care – how much does it really cost – and are now considering if they should go ahead and open this can of worms.
When Employment Is Impersonal, Courtesy Goes Out the Door
Ghosting is a trendier name for job abandonment. Instead of giving the courtesy of a two-week notice — or any notice for that matter — employees just vanish without a word, silently moving on to their next endeavor..
Regulation 541 EXEMPTIONS
– Ken's Korner
Who gets OT for working over 40 hour in a week versus who gets paid salary with no OT for working more than 40 hours in a week?
HR-Do You Know?

Which Minimum Wage Should We Pay – Here or There?
Question: Do we pay the minimum wage of the state where our headquarters is located or the state an employee does the work?
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Sending a Sick Employee Home – Okay or Not?
Question: If an employee comes to work sick, can we legally send them home?
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